Math Exam Review


  • I live far from your center. Is there a Saturday review schedule?

Ans. Yes, our center is open from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm.

  • My son’s school is using the traditional Math curriculum (not Singapore Math). Can you still review him for the exam?

Ans. Yes, our center has materials to help your child prepare for his exam. We also tailor-fit the reviewer to the needs of the child and to the lessons of the school. Therefore, upon / before registration, we request for a copy of the topic outline or the coverage of the exam.

  • How long will each review session be?

Ans. Each review session lasts for an hour. However, there are some children who need more than one hour. In this case, the teacher may inform the parents so they can register the child for longer sessions.

  • How many review sessions will my child need?

Ans. The number of review sessions will depend on the child’s grade level, pace, and ability to master the lesson / skill.

  • How soon should my child begin the review session?

Ans. We highly recommend that students start at least 3 weeks before the exam. This will give the child ample time to understand the math concepts as well.

  • My child is not enrolled in Kinetic Math. Can he join the review sessions?

Ans. Yes, the review sessions are open for all.

  • My child is a Kinetic Math student. Do I still need to register him for the review sessions?

Ans. Kinetic Math students who were enrolled a month before the scheduled review sessions do not need to register for the review sessions. They review for the exam during their KM regular sessions.

  • Who can avail of the review sessions?

Ans. Students from Kinder to Grade 8 may join the review sessions.

  • How much does each session cost?

Ans. Please call KM at 0915-2756284 to know more about our review program schedule and price.

  • How many students will there be for every teacher?

Ans. The teacher-student ratio is 1:3. However, a one-on-one session may be recommend for some special cases.

  • Do you accept students with special needs?

Ans. Yes, we also help students with special needs. However, one-on-one sessions may be recommended for these cases.


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