Kinetic Math



From the inception of Kinetic Math on February 2014, we have been committed to help children develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and hone their mathematical skills.

Kinetic Math Enrichment Center was born out of the founders’ desire to transform students’ deep-seated negative attitude about Math to a positive mindset by creating a safe haven for learning Mathematics. On November 2014, Kinetic Math San Juan started its mission to let students experience, explore, discover and enjoy math. After a year, we opened a new branch in Katipunan to cater to more students. Motivated to address the need for individualized learning, Kinetic Math BGC was established five months after, to offer one-on-one Math sessions.



KINETIC MATH is your TRUE Math enrichment center. It offers energizing and engaging learning activities which help students develop numerical fluency, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills while enjoying math.

The programs’ progression from a learning task to guided practice to independent practice not only boosts the child’s confidence and fosters the child’s interest in Math but also enables the child to develop a deeper understanding of math concepts.

Kinetic Math aims to:

  • equip students with numeracy, reasoning, problem solving skills and critical thinking skills that are necessary for life.
  • provide students venue to reason logically, communicate mathematically, learn cooperatively and independently.
  • develop the children’s love for mathematics through engaging and challenging learning activities.



Bellwork is a research-based program from the United States which provides the students consistent practice of previously taught lessons. This helps children improve their understanding of mathematical concepts, master important skills in Math and reduce their test-taking anxieties.

Saxon Math is another well-researched program which is popular in the United States for its incremental approach to Mathematics. It breaks down complex concepts into related increments, thus, giving students ample time to understand and practice the lesson. It distributes instruction, practice, and assessment throughout the lessons and school year which enables students to master concepts. In Saxon Math, as new lessons are introduced, previously learned concepts are likewise reviewed. This helps in ensuring that the child integrates and retains math concepts.

Singapore Math is a math curriculum which has been recognized worldwide as it helps students develop not only their critical, creative and problem solving skills but also their positive attitude about math. It teaches students in stages, beginning with the concrete (using manipulatives), then moving to the pictorial (solving problems with pictures) and finally working in the abstract (numbers). It makes children learn not just the “how’s” but also the “why’s” of mathematics which strengthens the pupils’ conceptual understanding.

Tutorial Program is also offered to students who need help in understanding their Math lesson in school. During the tutorial session, the well-trained Kinetic Math teachers discuss the math lesson, and provide the students with guided and independent drills. They also check the student’s homework and review the students for quizzes and examinations.

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 To know more about Kinetic Math, visit their website

Follow them on their social media accounts:


Instagram: @kineticmathcenter

Twitter: @KineticMath


Center Locations:


Unit 6, Ground Floor, Citiplace Bldg., J.Abad Santos St., San Juan City



2nd Floor, FBR Arcade, Katipunan Rd., Loyola Heights, Quezon City



3rd Floor, Bonifacio Technology Center, 31st cor. 2nd Ave., Crescent Park West, BGC, Taguig



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