How to Help Your Children Succeed in Math

Many parents wonder how they can make their children do well in Math. Some parents would even confess that they themselves hate Math or they themselves struggled in Math during their student days. Here are some tips on how to bring out the math whiz in your children:

1. Make your children see how fun MATH can be. Play enjoyable math games with your children. Some examples of games that you can use to teach Math to children are Monopoly (counting money), Dominoes (subitizing, matching), and Pick-up Sticks (Scoring entails addition, multiplication and skip-counting skills).

2. Look for varied ways to review your children for the Math quizzes or exams. You may play a game wherein the highest scorer gets a prize. You may also use online games and activities that are related to the topics that will be included in the test.

3. Make your children realize that Math can be used in their daily life. For instance, you may ask them questions when watching a basketball game: Who got more points? How many more points did they get than their opponents? You may also ask them in the grocery if their money is enough to buy certain items. For estimation, you can also ask them to estimate how much the bill would be for certain number of liters of gas while in a gas station.

4. Talk with them about what they learned in Math. Show them that you are interested in their new discoveries in their Math class.

5. Show them how to handle Math homework. Teach them to begin by reviewing their textbook and/or notes. Then, begin with the worksheets or homework. Remind them to check their work when they are done answering all the items.

6. Provide additional Math resources that they can consult should they have difficulty in certain items. Additional textbooks and workbooks may come handy for additional examples and drills. Make sure though that the books are aligned with your child’s math curriculum. There are also some websites which provide good explanation of certain Math topics (blogs, videos) and varied ways to assess the child’s math learning (worksheets, online activities, online games).

7. Seek help from a Math tutor if needed. Math mentors know how to teach and practice time-tested problem solving techniques. Enroll your children in a math center that will not only help them overcome their fear in Math but will also equip them with the necessary math skills to succeed in school and in life.

Kinetic Math Enrichment Center provides math tutorial and enrichment sessions. It aims to help children develop numerical fluency, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills while enjoying math. The program’s progression from a learning task to guided practice to independent practice not only boosts the child’s confidence and fosters the child’s interest in Math but also enables the child to develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

You may call the Kinetic Math center near you to inquire about their math programs:


3rd floor, Bonifacio Technology Center, 31st St. corner 2nd Ave., Crescent Park West, BGC, Taguig



Unit 6, Ground Floor, Citiplace Bldg., J.Abad Santos St., San Juan City



2nd floor, FBR Arcade, Katipunan Road, Loyola Heights, Quezon City


Email address:

Facebook page: /kineticmathcenter

Twitter: @KineticMath

Instagram: @kineticmathcenter


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