Great Online Resources for Math Worksheets

As mentioned in the previous blog on How to Help Your Children Succeed in Math, one way to help kids do well in Math is to provide them with additional drills at home. However, many parents do not have time to create worksheets. Thus, it is just awesome that there are many online resources providing worksheets (sometimes with answer keys) that can help children to achieve mastery in their Math lessons. Below are just some of the great websites that parents may use to develop their children’s mathematical skills.

Parents, however, must remember the following when using the worksheets for their children:

1. Make sure that the worksheets are appropriate to the grade level of your children.

2. Be clear with the objectives of the current lesson of your children and ensure that the worksheets are aligned with these objectives.

3. Check the worksheets first before letting your children answer them. That way, you can correct typographical errors and remove inappropriate items (for the grade level or for the lesson).

4. Check the answer keys (if there are) because sometimes the provided answer keys have incorrect answers too.

5. When children commit mistakes, discuss and explain the item. Then, give a similar item and see if they can already apply what you have discussed in solving the new item.

If your children need more help in understanding the lesson, you may opt to seek help from math mentors who can provide a thorough discussion of the lesson. Math experts can also assess your children and spot the core skills that the child must learn in order to equip them in understanding the current lessons. You may visit the Kinetic Math center near you to inquire about the programs that can benefit your children.


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