Kinetic Math’s Traditional Math to Singapore Math Transition Program

As Singapore continues to impress the world in their performance in Math in competitions and high-stake tests, more and more schools all over the world have adapted the Singapore Math in their curriculum. In the Philippines, hundreds of schools like Ateneo de Manila Grade School, Xavier School, Immaculate Concepcion Academy (ICA), KEYS Grade School, MGC New Life Christian Academy, Victory Christian International School, and Meridian International Learning Experience have already shifted from the traditional Math curriculum to that of Singapore.

The curricular shift, however, requires comprehensive training for teachers, as the curriculum transforms from abstract to a more visual, and concrete approach. It likewise puts more emphasis on honing the child’s critical and problem solving skills.

Students, on the other hand, must unlearn some habits or methods. They must likewise learn new ways to understand Math concepts, and new strategies to solve Math problems as they shift to Singapore Math method. Needless to say, some students find it difficult to adjust to the demands of the new curriculum.

To address this concern, Kinetic Math Enrichment Center is now offering the TRADITIONAL MATH TO SINGAPORE MATH TRANSITION PROGRAM. This program aims to help the child bridge the gap between the math skills that he/she has learned in traditional math and the required math skills for his/her grade level in Singapore or in a school offering the Singapore Math curriculum. This course will equip the students with an in-depth understanding of the mathematical concepts and with varied tools for solving complex multi-step word problems, the core of the Singapore Math curriculum.

This program is for:

* Students who started with traditional math and is now enrolled in a school using the Singapore Math method

* Students who are transferring to a school using the Singapore Math curriculum

* Students who are moving to Singapore

* Students who will take the entrance test in a school using the Singapore Math curriculum

To enroll your child in the program, you may visit or call the Kinetic Math near you.


3rd floor, Bonifacio Technology Center, 31st St. corner 2nd Ave., Crescent Park West, BGC, Taguig



Unit 6, Ground Floor, Citiplace Bldg., J.Abad Santos St., San Juan City



2nd floor, FBR Arcade, Katipunan Road, Loyola Heights, Quezon City


Email address:

Facebook page: kineticmathcenter

Twitter: @KineticMath

Instagram: @kineticmathcenter



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