Kinetic Math’s Bar Model Method Training Camp

Did your child have difficulty in solving math word problems this school year or for the past school years?

Did your child do well in other items of the Math test except for those that involve word problems?

Is your child transferring to a school that has a Singapore Math curriculum?

Do you want to prepare your child for more complex word problems next school year?

Did your child get the correct computation but wrong bar models in the Math homework/quiz/ exam?

Do you want to help your child solve word problems using the bar models but do not know how to do so?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Kinetic Math Enrichment Center, has a solution for your problem. This summer, Kinetic Math will offer once again its most sought after math summer program— the Bar Model Method Training Camp.

The Bar Model Method Training Camp will teach the students how to solve word problems using the bar model method. The bar model method is a systematic method of representing word problems and number relationships using rectangular bars. This helps children visualize the problem, know which operation/s to perform and view all problems from an algebraic perspective beginning in early elementary levels.

To register your child for the Bar Model Method Training Camp, you may contact or visit the Kinetic Math Center near you.


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