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Is your child math-ready for the BIG SCHOOL?

Is your child’s mathematical ability at par with kids his age?


Below is a guide to some basic math milestones for children in their early years:


3 years old 4 years old 5 years old
·         Can identify basic shapes

·         Can sort things by color, size or shape

·         Understands the concept of size

·         Knows the primary colors

·         Can recite number words 1-10

·         Knows that when one item is taken away from a set of 2 items, one item is left

·         Knows that when one item is added to a set of 2 items, there should be 3 items altogether

·         Learns to pick out the “first” and the “last” person in a line

·         Can identify the largest or highest in a set of pictures

·         Can count up to 20

·         Can gibe correct answers to addition and subtraction problems involving small quantities (ex 1+2=3 and 3-2=1) by using manipulatives or pictures

·         Can count from at least 1-20 and identify numbers 1-10

·         Begins to understand volume and can identify the container that holds the most

·         Understands night and day and their relation to time

·         Begins to understand the concept of time and some begin to tell the time

·         Understands what a calendar is

·         Understands and can label the value of different coins

·         Knows what it means to divide something in half using “one for you, one form me” strategy

·         Knows the names of 4-8 colors and can point them out

·         Can count backwards from 5

·         Understands and uses ordinal terms: first, second, third, fourth and fifth

·         Using manipulatives and pictures, can find the answer to simple addition and subtraction word problems that total up to 10.

·         Can skip-count by 10


Remember, these milestones are a general guide. Some children reach them early and some reach them later. This summer, provide your child venue to learn the developmentally appropriate math skills for his age. Let him join Kinetic Math Enrichment Center’s Math Wizards Summer Camp. Math Wizards Summer Camp is a summer course for children aged 3-5 years old. This program aims to teach Math concepts in a systematic, engaging and fun way! Exciting games, enjoyable activities and written drills will help them master the necessary skills needed to prepare them for the next school year.


  1. Match and Sort 8. Comparing Sets
  2. Counting 9. Comparing Numbers
  3. Shapes 10. Number Bonds
  4. Patterns 11. Addition
  5. Length and Size 12. Subtraction
  6. Weight 13. Time
  7. Capacity 14. Money


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Make your kids experience MATH like no other this summer.

Beat the Summer Learning Loss at Kinetic Math

Does your child tend to forget what he learned from the past school year after his summer vacation? Studies have shown that two-thirds of the achievement gap can be attributed to summer learning loss in elementary school. Since these losses accumulate over time, some students tend to get further and further behind. This achievement gap, however, may be closed by effective summer learning programs. 

This summer, Kinetic Math will offer varied engaging and effective Math summer programs designed to help children REALLY understand Math. The Kinetic Math Summer Programs are designed for students who: 

  • Failed Math 
  • Almost failed Math 
  • Hate Math 
  • Feared Math 
  • Did not understand Math 
  • Love Math 
  • Are ready for advanced lessons 

You may choose from the following Math summer classes: 

Math Wizards Summer Camp  

(for children who are 3-5years old) 

Math Wizards Summer Camp is a summer course for children aged 3-5 years old. This program aims to teach Math concepts in a systematic, engaging and fun way! Exciting games, enjoyable activities and written drills will help them master the necessary skills needed to prepare them for the next school year. 


  1. Match and Sort                            8. Comparing Sets
  2. Counting                                      9. Comparing Numbers
  3. Shapes                                       10. Number Bonds
  4. Patterns                                     11. Addition
  5. Length and Size                        12. Subtraction
  6. Weight                                      13. Time
  7. Capacity                                    14. Money


Mental Math Masters Program 

(for children 6 years old and above) 

This program aims to teach children PROVEN strategies to compute mentally with accuracy and speed. This will empower the students to calculate mathematically in their heads without using paper and pencil. 

In this course, children will develop the fluency flexibility and strategic thinking in mental computation by addressing the following: 

  1. WHAT: Children will learn the basic number facts and other math concepts. 
  2. WHEN: Students will have the ability to recognize the demands of a problem and choose the best strategy to solve it.
  3. WHY: Each strategy is anchored to math concepts, making it easier forstudents to understand why a procedure works. 
  4. HOW: Various mental math strategies in addition, subtraction, multiplication anddivision will be discussed systematically and thoroughly in the course. 


 Bar Model Method Training Camp  

(for children who are 7 years old and above) 

This program will teach the students how to solve word problems using the bar model method. The bar model method is a systematic method of representing word problems and number relationships using rectangular bars. This helps children visualize the problem, know which operation/s to perform and view all problems from an algebraic perspective beginning in early     elementary levels. 






 Mastering Fractions Summer Program 

(for children who are 8 years old & up) 

This program will provide a step-by-step introduction to fractions through a visual and conceptual approach. It will help students visualize and conceptualize fractions and calculate and solve word problems using them. This course will tackle adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. It will likewise teach the students how to draw fraction bar models which are powerful tools in solving multi-step fraction word problems. 


Integers & Algebra Summer Course 

(for children who are 11 years old & up) 

Algebra plays an important role in    preparing students for higher education. Students who do well in algebra are better prepared for college entrance exams and for college, in   general. 

Integers & Algebra Summer Course aims to help students transition from the visual model method to the abstract concepts of integers and algebra. In this course, students will learn about integers and build on the knowledge to develop skills in algebra. This will train the students to think and reason logically, orderly and abstractly. 


Remedial Program 

(for students from Grade 1 to Grade 8) 

Kinetic Math Summer Remedial Program is geared towards helping students develop valuable math skills that are vital for learning higher level concepts and skills next school year. This could be anything from being able to compute mentally and communicate mathematically to being able to think critically and creatively. 


Traditional Math to Singapore Math Transition Program 

(for students from Kinder to Grade 8) 

This program aims to help the child bridge the gap between the math skills that he/she has learned in traditional math and the required math skills for his/her grade level in Singapore Math curriculum. This course will equip the students with an in-depth understanding of mathematical concepts and with varied tools for solving complex multi-step word problems, the core of the Singapore Math curriculum. 


Don’t miss this opportunity for your kids to brush up on Math this summer. Call or visit the Kinetic Math center near you. 


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