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Make your kids experience MATH like no other this summer.

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Overcoming Math Anxiety the Kinetic Math Way

Does your child cringe when he/she is about to attend a Math class?

Is he/she always worried about being called to recite Math class?

Does your child fear Math test more than any other kind of test?

Does he/she tend to zone out in Math class?

Does he/she dread doing Math tasks?

Does he/she worry about not being able to keep up with the rest of the class in Math?

If your child has this strong emotional reaction to Mathematics, he/she might be suffering from Math anxiety. Math anxiety is an intense emotional feeling of anxiety that people have about their ability to understand and do Mathematics. People who feel tension, apprehension and fear of situations involving Math are said to have Math anxiety.

Math anxiety may start when children are quite young. This is usually caused by a student’s negative experience with math. This may be related to getting a low grade in math, being embarrassed in Math class, unpleasant experience with the math teacher, or being punished by a parent or teacher for failing to master a math concept.

Math anxiety is an emotional, rather than an intellectual problem. However, math anxiety interferes with the person’s ability to do math tasks, thus, leading to poor performance in Math. Because math anxiety can reduce math competence, it is crucial that parents detect and address this as soon as possible.

One way to combat math anxiety is to provide the child a safe venue to learn Math. Kinetic Math Enrichment Center recognizes this need which is why it offers one-on-one and group math sessions (1:3 teacher-student ratio) in a child-friendly learning space.



Kinetic Math is also known for its energizing and engaging learning activities which help students develop numerical fluency, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills while enjoying Math.


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