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Kinetic Math: Your MATH Homework Partner

Are you having a difficult time helping your child in his or her math homework?

Does your child find his math lesson more confusing after teaching him a “short-cut”?

Does your child give you a “…but teacher said…” or “That is not what teacher said in class.” statement when you help him with a math problem?



If your answer to the questions above is YES, you are not alone. Many parents get frustrated when guiding their children in their Math homework. This may be attributed to the changes in the Math curriculum these days. Gone were the days when a person is considered a Math whiz if he can calculate big numbers mentally in a few seconds. Since the calculator, computer or even the cellphone can do the calculation for us, Math these days is now more focused in honing the child’s critical thinking and problem solving skills. Thus, the objective and content of the Math homework has changed from procedural to conceptual understanding of the lesson.


Kinetic Math – Your TRUE Math Enrichment Center addresses this problem of parents as it provides math tutorial sessions to children from kindergarten to Grade 8 level. Since there are some students who need to have one-on-one Math sessions in order to master the math lessons in class, Kinetic Math BGC  is now offering ONE-ON-ONE math tutorial classes with their well-trained Math teachers. Located at the 3rd floor of Bonifacio Technology Center, Kinetic Math assesses and addresses children’s needs through an individual plan that is tailor-fit to the child’s math level, needs and goals.


Aside from the math tutorial program, Kinetic Math also offers Math Exam Review program, Singapore Math, Saxon Math, Mental Math and Bellwork.


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