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Kinetic Math’s Integers and Algebra Summer Course

Why do many high school students fail or get low grades in Math?

Why do some students have difficulty answering entrance test questions in Math?

One of the many culprits for the abovementioned difficulties is the poor basic foundational knowledge and skills in algebra and integers. Understanding algebra and integers are necessary to solve equations.

Algebra is a branch of Mathematics that uses numbers and letters that represent numbers. Algebra strengthens logic skills and introduces abstract thinking. In algebra, students must understand that symbols such as x and y stand for numbers that vary and that these symbols can be used in solving real-life and mathematical problems.

In integers, on the other hand, students deal with zero, positive and negative whole numbers. It is very important to learn this because we use integers in our daily lives- weather, finances, sports, geography and science. Since performing operations on integers involve signs of the numbers and signs of operations, some students struggle in remembering the rules and procedure for certain problems or equations.

This summer, Kinetic Math Enrichment Center will offer the Integers and Algebra Summer Course. Integers & Algebra Summer Course aims to help students transition from the visual model method to the abstract concepts of integers and algebra. In this course, students will learn about integers and build on the knowledge to develop skills in algebra. This will train the students to think and reason logically, orderly and abstractly.

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